The McGregors
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Rick McGregor is the Founder and Executive Director or iMentor Global. He has worked with youth and young adults in the communities of Compton, Watts, Inglewood and South Central Los Angeles for over 20 years. He has kept hundreds of individuals out of gangs, off drugs and off the streets. To effectively mentor these young minds, he has lived in this area his whole life. In December 2018, a few weeks before Christmas, his home was burglarized. His family lost a significant amount of their possessions and the thieves even stole his daughter’s dog.

Rick’s daughter, Trinity, is 15 years old and is pursuing photography. At the start of the program, Trinity was a junior at Middle College High School in Los Angeles, California taking college courses in order to receive two Associate of Arts (AA) Degrees in addition to her diploma when she graduated from high school. 

Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, Trinity's determination to overcome the adversity she has faced continues to inspire people across the country. Despite having her MacBook Air and Nikon D3500 DSLR camera stolen in early 2019, Trinity managed to rebuild and recreate her successful photography business, PhotosByDaNae3. 

When faced with difficult circumstances, Trinity never made excuses or complained. Instead, she has always chosen to work even harder to find solutions and ultimately succeed in her artistic, academic, and athletic endeavors. She has been a VIP guest at Manhattan Beach Studios and the set of America's Funniest Home Videos (AFHV) where she was on television with Alfonso Ribeiro. 

Trinity intends to continue her photography journey in college, while improving and expanding her work. Visit her Instagram to see her journey!