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Maura Durkin
Ethics and Compliance Advisor
Crude Trading Bench
Chicago, Illinois
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Maura Durkin
Advisory Board Member

Maura Durkin is a Compliance Advisor in the Crude Trading Bench at BP in Chicago, IL. Durkin previously was a Compliance Manager at Orsted Onshore North America, specializing in renewable energy and power trading, product/systems development, Agile project management, and US regulatory reporting and compliance. Prior to BP and Orsted, Maura worked for the US commodities regulator, NFA, in both their Compliance and Market Regulation Departments. She received her undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Pepperdine University in 2015 and is currently working towards her MBA at the University of Kansas, expected graduation in May 2022. 

Durkin serves on the Advisory Board of IMPACT while also serving on the School of Business Dean’s Board at Pepperdine University and Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD) Board in the Chicagoland area. She has always credited her professional success in life to her many amazing mentors and professors, especially Dr. Scott Miller, that have guided her every step of the way.  Due to her strong belief in mentorship and helping others jumpstart their careers, Maura has dedicated her life to serving and mentoring high school students, college students, and future professionals; her mission in life is to remind individuals to always love themselves and believe in themselves as that is the first step to any success story. At the end of the day, Maura hopes her service on the IMPACT Advisory Board guides new professionals to what truly makes them happy in life and to never lose sight of their passions.


“Hope is the only thing stronger than fear.” Suzanne Collins

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