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Dovev Weaver
Closer To Our Dreams
Founder & CEO
St. Petersburg, FL
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Dovev Weaver
Advisory Board Member

Dovév (AKA Coach D) grew up without a father in his life and while most people would have allowed that to lead to living a life with no purpose, Coach D did the opposite. He wrote a book about his pain and how he was able to overcome adversity and start going after his dreams. The book, Chasing Your Dreams: Bound for Success, is a story of forgiveness. As Coach D realized, it wasn’t until he made the hard decision to forgive his father that he was able to start going after his goals and dreams in life with purpose.

Now Coach D is on a mission to inspire the masses to start going after their goals and dreams daily. As the founder of Closer To Our Dreams LLC, he is committed to helping any organization, school, student, or adult that is serious about going after their dreams with a passion. C.T.O.D. is a source for inspiration and with that platform, they will create content that encourages people to start the journey of a lifetime. One of Dovev’s ultimate goals is to help millions of people to start living with purpose and enjoy every aspect of their lives. His contagious energy and positivity will get you charged up about life and want to start the journey that leads to Paradise.

"You have everything you need to achieve your goals and dreams in life, you just need to surround yourself with big dreamers, get clear about the mission, and take massive, planned action."

Coach D

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