Business: Swuave Cuts
Location: Los Angeles, California
Description: Providing barbering services while developing long-lasting relationships with clients and acting as a trusted confidant and advisor. 
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Rickey McGregor
Rickey McGregor is the founder of Swuave Cuts, a company providing barbering services both in-home and on-site. 
The Challenge
A few weeks before Christmas, in December of 2018, Rickey's home was broken into. The burglars stole his clippers and other barber tools. This equipment had been used to start his small business as well as provide additional income for her family. 
Rickey not only used his barber tools as a means of revenue generation, but donated his services to the community. At just 17 years old, Rickey had been cutting hair as a part of his dad, Rick McGregor's "Fades for Greades" program in inner city communities. Rickey was just starting to expand his skills by working towards licensure and cutting hair for friends, family and other is the community, when his clippers were stolen. 
With IMPACT’s help, Rickey was able to recover from the loss of his business equipment as well as develop his barbering business.

Members of IMPACT’s team were able to help Rickey:
  • Recover $470 worth of barber equipment, including 4 Wahl and 3 Andis Clippers.
  • Earn over $2,000 in profit in just a few months
  • Create a complete, branded logo for Swuave Cuts
  • Develop a spreadsheet for financial reporting and bookkeeping
  • Provide a $100 startup investment through Charles Schwab
Ricky graduated high school as valedictorian of his class, having the highest GPA in his school’s history. He was awarded a full-ride to play football at UC Berkeley and continues to grow his business there.
Industry Mentors
Mark Hilliard
Director of Software Technology, eBay
Kristine Hilliard
Management Consultant, Accenture
Student Consultants
Cecelia DiNicola
Hannah Hines
Alexandra Bohne
University of Tampa
University of Tampa
University of Tampa
Cali Oliver
University of Tampa
Samantha Hoover
University of Tampa